Firearm Simulator / Marksmanship Training Center


Cost : $98.00

 Course Description:

The use of force training is a three hour workshop that exposes students to different scenarios using our state of the art video training simulator. Students will first participate in a discussion of Colorado law and the principles of self-defense, followed by a training session on our use of force simulator in which students will be confronted with a diverse range of scenarios designed to challenge the student’s knowledge and decision making ability.  Students will have the opportunity to both participate directly as well as observe other students, and all scenarios will be debriefed and critiqued by a trained instructor.  This workshop presents an excellent opportunity to be challenged in a safe environment and prepare to avoid conflicts when possible, respond to conflicts when necessary and to justify one’s actions in the event a use of force situation has occurred.

Learning Objectives:
Goals and objectives of application of force
Legal Overview of SYG
Conflict Aftermath

Basic Pistol

Required Equipment:
Supplied by the Instructor


​BETTER PROGRAMS: Training in context with Real Life scenarios students can relate to.


State of the art equiptment  Quarterly refresher lessons.


From emphasis on small group practice to advanced skill drills, our students get the hands on training they need to stay safe.

The human brain is the most powerful weapon. But Only if you educate your mind. The fight you avoid is the fight you win 100% of the time.

Learn to respond as if your life Depends on it !

The shoot/no shoot scenario course is our reality based training program.

 The program is designed for a civilian who carries a concealed firearm, taser , pepper spray or baton.

In video based training our students have an opportunity to participate in a rare form of advanced training.